sunshinechiliMaybe not my, ‘only Sunshine’, but you do, soooooo make me Happy!

The beautiful fresh flavors and color inspired the name
‘Sunshine Chili’

Ground chicken thigh meat
Cannellini beans, prepared
Yellow onion, minced
Poblano, fresno, jalapeno peppers, minced
Chicken stock
Lime zest
Cumin, ground
New Mexican chili pepper, groundAji amarillo, ground
Oregano, Mexican
Salt and Pepper

Cook the chicken, onion and fresh peppers until chicken is cooked through.  Add lime zest and spices; cook for a few minutes.  Add herbs then chicken stock to level of the meat in the pan.  Season with salt and pepper.  If you cooked your own beans and did not finish them with salt, you will need to be pretty generous now.

Cook on low for a couple hours, or until you can’t stand it and have to get a bowl and a spoon…

Garnish with fresh minced cilantro and a fresh chevre, feta or cotija fresco.

Once again, NO gluten!!  Who knew!!  Enjoy!  Chef Celinda

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