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Hi!  I’m Celinda Norton.  I am a Chef and have owned eight Restaurants over the last 35 years.  I have food allergies and sensitivities.

I am not alone.  A tremendous percentage of the populace shares this complication to their life.

My career choice may be unusual, but actually a major bonus when I have the opportunity to create dishes for others with similar needs.  I can do so much more safely then many other professional kitchens, mainly because I understand what needs to be done and what exactly is at stake.

My years serving the public has shown me that many many people may have been told, by their medical practitioner, that they should not consume specific ingredients, but are left to figure out exactly how to do this.  With an ever increasing number of these individuals in this situation, I’ve come to wonder if maybe their doctors simply don’t have the understanding to help them.

I created Fearless Feast as a forum to clarify how to achieve these goals, dispel myths on the subject and share fun recipes for foods that most can safely enjoy without feeling deprived.

I will share skills, concepts and cooking secrets learned over my long career as well as from my background in Northwest foods.

I grew up in Longview, Washington, a town on the Columbia River.  I was raised enjoying fresh fish and seafood due to my uncle, a commercial fisherman.  Not much can top the joy of a May Day backyard crab feed.

My father was a butcher.  While he was with us, I was exposed to a wide variety meats; how to buy and prepare.

My mother and step-father were avid gardeners.  I absolutely love going out to harvest fresh vegetables minutes before preparing them for dinner.  I was utterly spoiled!

Those years formed my cooking philosophy; use the best ingredients and grant them the opportunity to retain their integrity.  Allow those flavors to shine; be placed on a culinary pedestal created by the other ingredients and accompaniments within each dish.  All flavors on the plate must be in balance.

The exposure and opportunity to work with so many foods gave me the courage to take any culinary risk I can envision.  Food, for me, is a source of play; an artistic endeavor.  Creating and sharing memorable dishes gives me tremendous joy.  I endeavor to bring those emotions to your kitchen and table.

2 Thoughts on “Chef Celinda

  1. Sandra on February 4, 2015 at 7:40 am said:

    Hi Celine,

    I am very sad to see Cafe Parco CLOSED. Even though my husband and I didn’t frequent your restaurant very often, we LOVED dining there, especially for breakfast. Such wonderful food beautifully prepared and presented in a delightful setting – just the way we like it.

    So now our dilemma, where do we go for a great breakfast? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    We are anxiously awaiting to hear of plans for your next establishment.

    Until then, all the best to you. You are missed!!!


    • Celinda on February 4, 2015 at 9:41 am said:


      Thank you for the nice message!

      I don’t go out to breakfast much, I’m afraid, but I will ask around though and get back to you.

      This Sunday, I will be at the fundraiser, “Women Stars of Food and Wine” at the Columbia Tower. There is a link on the Parco facebook page, if you wanted to come!

      Thank you for your wonderful support during my years at Parco! Hope to see you soon!

      Celinda Norton

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