Gladiators and Gluten


Are you a Gladiator; ready to vanquish the evils of wheat gluten from your diet? No clue, hunh?  Kinda feel poorly prepared to vanquish much of anything?  Take heart, the words in these pages are your armor.  Begin adding one piece of information at a time.   Success is imminent with the tools of knowledge.

Recently, many people are being told, by their doctors, to cut out certain foods; primarily Gluten.  That’s great news, since it seems to be a fairly common sensitivity.  Unfortunately, from my perspective, many Western medical practitioners may not know how important it is to educate their patients on how exactly to achieve this.  I’ve begun to wonder, if maybe, the doctors don’t know themselves.  When a guest in my restaurant tells their server that, upon medical advice, their child can not have gluten, “So, take away the whole wheat bread, but please leave the white bread and the child will be having pasta, for dinner, please.” it become hard to say nothing.   This is not, at all, an unusual situation.  It is understandable when a guest doesn’t know that there is gluten in soy sauce or that an ingredient that doesn’t have gluten in it’s make up, has been contaminated with it at the production site.  One would expect people should grasp that pasta and bread, made with wheat are now literally ‘off the table’, for a long, healthy life.  There are hundreds of new books on the market now, to explain this.  I’m sure they sell very well, but are they being read?  Good intentions don’t solve this problem.

For those that do grasp the basics of gluten avoidance, the compounding problem escalates regardless, when people eat at most restaurants.  The majority of the populous simply don’t have a great deal of food preparation knowledge.

I have lots of great info throughout Fearless Feast to answer your many questions.  Check out pages specifically about Gluten, as well as ingredient options.  Every recipe posted in the site is Gluten Free.

Don’t be afraid!  Life after Gluten is a wonderful place to be!!  Enjoy!  Chef Celinda


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