So many pretty peppers!  How to choose?  A little of this… a little of that… FUN!market peppers

The Ballard Farmers Market was the perfect place to be on such a beautiful Sunday.  Besides the peppers, I also found some enticing little apples to make a gluten free crumble tomorrow and a piece of sheep milk feta (no cow milk!) from Glendale Shepherd.  Chatting with the owner, it seems the only other critters on the farm are rabbits, so many of you that are lactose intolerant can rejoice in their beautiful cheeses!

Should you be a sausage maven, check out Sea Breeze Farm sometime!  They have standard hours on Saturday at the U Dist Market and Sundays at Ballard.  They are delighted to chat about the ingredients in their multitude of impressive looking sausages.  At the moment, all do have dairy in their recipes, but none use gluten, soy or corn syrup.  Excellent news for many would be devotees.  Rose tells me they are quite willing to make custom batches for those with food allergies.  Minimum orders are required.  There were an array of others goodies in their case I may have to check out another time!

2 Thoughts on “Who wants to come home with me?

  1. Nice to know you’re out there Celinda – I was so sad to hear of Parco’s closure, with no chance to even say farewell. Stay in touch!

    • Good to hear from you, too, Judy! I plan to be posting regularly to my new blog, If there are any food subjects you’d like to see me cover, please let me know! Celinda

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